Executive Coach,
Speaker and Advisor.

PURPOSE instead of Pure Pose

It is high time as a company and manager to deal with the topic of purpose . A company's purpose serves as an orientation and anchor within the company and is more relevant today than ever before.

Because the social change, driven by globalization, awareness of the finiteness of resources, our data-driven transparency, digital networking of people and companies, and increasing automation requires attitude, leadership, responsibility and sustainability.

Effect instead of advertising. Draft instead of sinking.

Here we go!


Impact, Purpose and the digital world, a change of perspective.


Impact, Purpose and the digital world, a change of perspective.


Impact investments, start-ups and family businesses.


New insights into Purpose, Impact, and Agility.


"Monika inspires people with ideas. She is able to challenge them immediately, place them in a bigger picture and further identify the right people whose involvement can lead to success. Monika is well-connected and committed to values and people she works with. She clearly is a role model for future businesses .. "
Ali Mahlodji,
European Youth Ambassador, Founder WHATCHADO & Trend Researcher Zukunftsinstitut
"Monika is a rare mix of a person understanding the creative process and the subtle art of building brands, while at the same time possessing the business acumen and understanding of the harsh realities of running a business. Monika is dead honest and is never afraid to speak her mind and also has a lot to add to any discussion on sales and branding. "
Markus Norling,
Head of Car Brand Insurance, If P&C