I support executives and their teams in future-oriented change processes towards meaning-driven companies.

Executive coach, speaker, advisor

I work for global companies as Executive coach, Speaker Advisor. In doing so, I focused on the topic Purpose and its effects specialized in companies and teams.

What is special: I combine creativity and design with facilitation and entrepreneurship . This allows me to look at things from a wide variety of perspectives and make them accessible to you.

You challenge yourself in working with me. Through facilitation, you learn to engage in processes that not only look at problems superficially, but look deeply into them.

With this I support you, you Big picture to find, use successfully and thus sustainably Value and impact to generate.

And promote one innovative, responsible and people-related way of looking and working.

I believe that every company must have a purpose and should take advantage of it to be viable and worthy in the future.

My concern is to promote companies with meaning and value and to integrate purpose as a profit formula in companies. 

I stand for: 



“Purpose is the cultural counterpart to a company's vision. Assuming an existing corporate strategy that includes the topics of mission, vision, value system, business plan and innovation. "
“Digital transformation ability and the willingness to transform are essential for survival. The relationship between man and machine will play a major role in this. ”
"The digital transformation is the evolution to speed with increasing complexity and complexity due to technical influences."

Monika Smith

I work at the intersection of trends, technology, design and concept - and sometimes specifically beyond. At numerous conferences, think tanks and targeted further education formats, I exchange and expand my knowledge and try out new concepts and ideas, which I then integrate into companies.

This includes questioning deadlocked structures and thoughts, developing a holistic perspective and being open to new ideas. 

Expertise and partnerships