The way we work and do business is changing rapidly. Many companies fail to take their employees with them.

Being an innovator, and a digital native in a new work culture, I share my expertise in agility, purpose, and transformation.

We live in a world in which things due to technological progress and complexity as well as very high content transparency and networking are difficult to anticipate.

It is clear that we need new, dynamic ways of dealing with the unknown.

A greater goal serves as a control instrument and agile organizational methods enable a new way of working together highly flexible organizations.

The following questions are unavoidable:

How can you increase your companies culture while leveraging the automation within your company? And at the same time, increase efficiency?
How can good new work generate sustainable profit and attract top talent?
How can you implement your Purpose Purpose deep into the corporate strategy and make it measurable for all stakeholders?

Advisory & Sparring

I visualise undiscovered opportunities and challenges which are of far-reaching importance for the company and its success. . And create workable strategies to make use of the appearing opportunities.
I'm a Thought Partner and Consultant. Building on my experience as a serial entrepreneur, mother, agile coach, scrum master, and business coach as well as a lecturer for business education. I'm an excellent listener, asking the relevant questions, and providing creative but workable ideas. No time wasted.  Digital, impact driven and hands on.