In times of climate revolution,
digitization and new work,
having a defined mission and vision is not enough,
to stay fit for business.

Our time is now! Let's use it wisely.

Executive coach

Let's get you out from the stuck state! As a specialist at Agile Leadership Trainings, Purpose Impact

I support you in finding the individual purpose and unleash your full potential. Together, we find out how to establish future-oriented perspectives, and how to increase your companies' values in the long term.



For teams

In 5 steps I lead teams and the respective managers as part of workshop series and training to their purpose and the sustainable and effective implementation of corporate purpose. I use the Business Purpose Design model. A holistic, systemic, and agile approach towards finding your Purpose and creating Impact and Value. You can download the canvas for free on this website.
It comes down to the big picture - the Big picture of your company - and that as many employees as possible work as one. This requires a jointly developed, applicable, and authentic purpose.

Business Purpose Coaching helps you to recognize, shape and use your purpose sustainably. 

Employees, partners and customers want to understand what the greater goal of the company is.

They want to understand the contribution an organisation brings to the society - and not which sales targets and new products it fosters. "

Monika Smith

Get the Business Purpose Design Canvas and start designing your purpose today.



for entrepreneurs

Agility creates impact! 

Agility is customer-centric. In agile processes, people always try, learn, and improve. This happens in very short cycles. Agile companies can react dynamically to change, pro-actively shape innovation, and involve employees and customers directly. This is why, Agile Leadership is so perfect for a constantly changing, connected, transparent, and complex world.

certified agile coach I lead and accompany agile transformation processes of teams and organizations. I support the management with this change from traditional project management structures to more dynamic, agile structures.

In short - I help to select, adapt, develop and apply agile methods for teams and projects. Combining my experience as a Scrum Master II, Less Scaled Scrum Professional, Business Agility Professional, and lecturer for economics with my preference for systematic thinking.


My offer: Tailor-made workshops and training for C-Level Leadership, Teams, and Special Interest Groups.