Views, facts and events on the subject of purpose, impact and transformation.


The basis of my work is the Business Purpose Model, which I developed and tested together with 32 experts and presented in a book. Which has become the standard work in the field of Business Purpose Design.


The book

Business Purpose Design - How to?

The book shows the status quo, the trends and challenges for the 30 most relevant topics for entrepreneurs, managers and far-thinking people.
Illuminated with thought leaders, executives, founders, designers and scientists.
Knowledge and experience that compactly creates awareness and works with a sharpened view of the future and your own company.

“Business purpose design is a holistic Lead model for future-proof companies and anyone who wants to increase the impact of their actions. "


Monika Smith

Readers' votes

"Business Purpose Design is a tour de force through central fields of action for building forward-orientated companies."
Daniel Heltzel,
Managing Director, Fab Lab Berlin
"Starting a company without a deeper meaning is nonsense. Money is not a deeper meaning, but a result."
Philip Siefer, Co Founder Einhorn,
Founder, unicorn condoms
"The book provides a holistic framework for how the diverse opportunities that arise can be used and how challenges can be mastered."
Kilian Frühauf,
Partner, Summer & Co

Purpose driven companies are companies of the future.

The Business Purpose Design Model provides the necessary basis to find your own and your business purpose. It creates a comprehensive basis for taking different perspectives across industries, dares to look into the future, and encourages rethinking. It provides a perspective that recognizes, understands, appreciates, and makes use of relationships. Based on this wealth of knowledge, the actual purpose of work begins.

Purpose driven companies are companies of the future. Because purpose serves as an anchor and orientation in order to be able to do business in the future.

This creates jobs with meaning and humanity, and attracts the best talents, creates products and services that are people-centered and generate sustainable added value and thus also find sales that secure the company in the long term and offer space for innovation and development.


The book

Moonshots for Europe

The book describes the disruptive power of exponential technologies for Europe and shows a way to actively advance Moonshot Thinking among companies, NGOs and innovative organizations. 

We contributed to the work as a team of 28 international lecturers from futur / io and authors, each of whom focuses heavily on digitization or innovation approaches. The book includes case studies and the futur / io Moonshot Framework, a guide to using Moonshot Thinking in business.