New impulses a change of perspective can be a relief for stuck states and creating new ideas. They help to unleash unexpected thoughts and visions. I want to enable as many people as possible to achieve an ability to rethink - contact me for more.

Public speaker

My Topics:

  • Agile leadership for medium-sized companies!
  • Agility ABC? And is this truly necessary?
  • Who the f *** needs purpose? - A change of perspective for companies
  • The Purpose of Business in the future - impulses from Purpose Driven companies
  • Purpose as a business - are we serious?
  • Business Purpose Design - How to?
  • Unleashing your true potential as a Leader. And what do I do with it?
  • Transformational leadership - new work needs new leadership?
  • Facilitation of change processes in the age of digitization
  • Immunity to Change or why change is so difficult
  • The 1x1 from New Work
  • New work - a fallacy?

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Purpose + transformation

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Thanks to my training as facilitator I have acquired the knowledge deep dive to the real causes of stuck states, problems, frictions within teams. And I learned how to sharpen your perception.

For me it's about the experience the audience gets at the event About the identification of the participants with the subject and the connection to each other.

motivate, inspire andintegrate participants with interactive formats. I activate and wake up. Mindshifting.

Integrating people instead of just giving impulses. Clear words instead of bullshit bingo. I transform complex topics into understandable language. Aha-Effect inclusive. 😉


Monika Smith